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Just a quick profile about me.

Lorelei Lucky


The Netherlands, parents are originally from Surinam, South America.

Favorite drink
Hot chocolate

Favorite color
Green, pink, orange... I like all bright happy colors. :D

What do you want right now more than anything else in the world?
I want to look at that special someone and tell him that I love him.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I always get a cup of hot chocolate at a place I often visit. I enjoy knitting, bellydancing, decorating, meditating, going to the movies, bowling, shopping... I enjoy lots of things.

Why did you created this site?
I already had a website several years ago. But I got busy with school and things like that. Also my site really wasnít anything special at all. It wasnít bad or anything but now looking back it just seemed pointless.

Iíve been surfing the internet for about 9 years. When I was about 15 I came across a website of a girl the same age. I was so impressed by her site. It had a really positive vibe. So, I went to her guest book to write a message and there I saw a message by either her brother or another relative of hers (canít remember precisely). He wrote that this girl has passed away, she had a disease!! I was shocked. She was the same age I was!! What if this happened to me??

A few weeks ago I saw a girl on Youtube. And her face somehow looked like mine. She seemed like a really nice and positive girl. I checked her other videos and then I saw her lying in a hospital bed with all those strings attached!! And I was shocked again.

You know this all made me realize that sooner or later our time is up. It doesnít matter how much money we make. It doesnít matter whether we are a lawyer or a cab driver or whatever. The most important thing is that we do what we love the most. We have to give it our best. I have spent years trying to make my parents proud by studying. But I think that they would prefer it if I spend my days living happily and eventually die happily instead of being unhappy to please them.

I created my site. It all came naturally. I just started it. This place is supposed to be inspiring to other people. It is a place to relax and leave worries out the door. This Ďabodeí is ME and everything that lies within me. Be yourself. Live your life to the fullest. Let important people around you know you love them. Do the things you always wanted to do. Stop the hatred on the Internet. Donít be afraid of the unseen. Donít live your life in fear. Love is the beginning and end. Love is everything.

~ With love, Lorelei

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