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Nik Watt: Photographer
Slow shutter-speed and a good tripod, for this effect! I'd like to thank you for looking along.

Before you read further, please note that the pages on this website change 'automatically'.  If you thought there's only three shots, wait and see what else is here!

I am in and from Edinburgh - Scotland's Capital,
where I am afforded stunning landscapes and  beautiful subjects for my cameras nearby or in the city.

The thousands that have seen my work on other pages, span from Australia & New Zealand; Canada & America;  Germany; Norway & Finland;  The Netherlands; Singapore; Spain (The Canaries),  and England..
..I even have a few fans in Scotland!
As you see here, I am particularly fond of waterfalls and watery subjects.

I have three Minolta digital cameras - a Dynax 7D SLR, an A200 & the diminutive X50 - and a Minolta 'compact' 35mm.
Hey, I like Minolta..
I also have a tiny Canon Ixus APS. At one time I owned three 35mm SLRs made by Canon, in addition to a '645' Bronica!

I know a great deal about how light works and I'd offer that
my images show that my tertiary qualifications in
Photography and a couple in Graphic Design are deserved.

*If you leave an email with your message, I'll send you the 'invitation only' website.  Its not on any search engine [by me].

The images on this first page were each taken in The Trossachs
- The "Gateway to The Highlands"
The Falls of Loch Achray
Autumn Falls at Inversnaid
Loch Chon

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