The NiksterG118 Music Collection

Ah, yes. My most prized possesion: My collection of sound files.I've finally got some of my favorite songs up and running. These songs come from the Secret of Mana video game, and the Illusion of Gaia video game, and the Final Fantasy 3 video game, all from the Super NES. Like them? Send some compliments my way at [email protected]. Don't like this page? Write me anyway. I want to keep a good site.

Spinning off of an idea by "The Silent One" (see link below), I will be awarding Gold, Silver and Bronze "medals" to what I think are the best songs on this site every week. I know, there aren't many yet, but that will soon change. Anyway, the winners for this week are:

Moogles Save Terra: Final Fantasy 3 (Gold)
Mog's Theme: Final Fantasy 3 (Silver)
Phantom & a Rose:Secret of Mana (Bronze)

Congratulations!! !

Secret of Mana

Angel's Fear
What the Forest Taught Me
Color of the Summer Sky
Spirit of the Night
Holy Intruder
The Boy Aims for Wild Fields
It Happened Late One Evening
Steel and Snare
A Phantom and a Rose
Winds of the Desert
Secret of the Arid Sands
A Wish
A Winter of Frost
Flight into the Unknown
Where the Wind Ends
Did You See the Sea?
Dark Star
Pure Night
A Curious Happening
A Deadly Conclusion
Meridian Dance
Eternal Recurrance
A Happy End
Eight Bells Ringing

Illusion of Gaia

Title Theme
South Cape
Map Theme
Edward's Castle
Secret Village
Ankor Wat
Sky Garden
The Comet
Peace Remix

Final Fantasy 3

Title Theme
Boss Battle
Locke's Theme
Moogles Save Terra
Mog's Theme
Boss Battle Remix

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

If you liked this music, you should check out this site. I've found it's quite good if you're looking for good video game music. (Plus he had Angel's Fear from Secret of Mana; anybody who has my favorite song on their site is worthy of a look.)

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