Nik Shade: A Nightmare Awakens

WOW! A new game straight from NCG Co.!!! (NCG Co. is a pseudonym for myself. I use it for self-created works of art.) Using the game-making program Adventure Game Studio (located at, I am currently creating a game called Nik Shade: A Nightmare Awakens. There's not exactly great plot at the moment, but it suffices.

The hero's name is Nik Shade (named after yours truly). The story starts out when Nik wanders off the main path. He is completely lost, so he asks the nearest person for help. However, this person has a strange, deep secret which he shares with you only when you prove yourself trustworthy. (I won't tell you how, but it's pretty obvious.) Suddenly Nik is thrown into a world which he can only begin to understand. Filled with ghosts, werewolves and other creatures, with items such as portal sand and the necklace of tongues, this game is sure to astound audiences of all ages.

You are probably wondering, Well, that sounds great, but what about graphics? Well, because of the fact that all backgrounds, characters and items must be drawn by hand, and I am a cruddy artist, the graphics are not as good as King's Quest. However, given the circumstances, the graphics pretty good. Of course, don't take my word for it. Here's a screen shot for you.But wait.. what's better than seeing an actual screenshot of the game? I know! MULTIPLE screenshots from the game!

Here are some screenshots taken directly from gameplay. There will be more added as the game's status progresses.

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