Hi! my name is Niko Shae (sounds like necko), and welcome to my webbone, I mean webhome.

I am a 60 pound, 8 year old Boxer. I have two white paws, and two black paws. My muzzle is mostly black. I have a little white bib, and a small white patch of beard. I have a docked tail, and cropped ears. (Of course in that picture, they are every which way!)
UPDATE: I now have a completely white face, my body is now brown and white, and now all my paws and most of my legs are white.. they call it "delaying flash" whatever that means :) (April 2004)

Sometimes everybody calls me Nosy Shae. I can't imagine why they do! They also call me BooBoo, daddy calls me Niks (sounds like nekz). Mommy of course calls me chugar. You know sugar with a ch. I donno, these humans are so funny sometimes!

I was born January 6, 1996. I was about 6 weeks old when they came and got me from my canine parents Roxy and Hoss. I am AKC registered and have papers! (But now mommy is in rescue and says that sometimes those papers mean nothing to the rescue dogs..)

The best things I like to do are laying on my back, taking toys from my sisters Chynna & Sami. Getting my ears scratched from my daddy. Sleeping really close to mommy. I follow her EVERYWHERE! If she gets up just for something to drink, and she turns around, I'm there! If she runs off to the bathroom, I am there! I will wait for her when she runs out for an errand, and go crazy if she doesn't take me! I love to go to Chynna's school and see everyone.

My mommies favorite Boxer URL is http://www.boxerworld.com .... go check it out!!

Lets see, mommy wants to tell you all the 'human' words I know .. Bye Bye, bug, mommy, daddy, sister, Chynna, Sami, PaPa, Memaw, Carlotta (that's my aunt!), shoes, eat, down, good girl, food, water, no, outside, bath, hot, sit, stay, heal, over, up, c-o-o-k-i-e (have to spell it since she wants one EVERY time!), van, couch (big no-no), Grandma, Grandpa, yucky, poopoo, blankie, git 'um, toes, kisses, bread (she loves the toasted corners) ... well I can't think of any more ..

Her favorite foods are : grapes, granny smith apples, toasted bread corner, cantaloupe, cheese, popcorn, tomatoes ....

  Rub my tummy to get a larger picture!
I was playing with my rope bone. I was scratching my back, and mommy thought,
well you know what she thought! Get her while she isn't looking!

I really hate getting my pictures taken. These silly pictures are more for you guys than me. The best time to get me is when I am busy upside down, or playing with my sisters.

I love visiting with my grandparents. My papa sometimes gets down on the floor and plays with me. My Memaw loves it when I snort(*see the traits link!) on her. It only means I love her! Yes you know it does Memaw!. My grandma 'Hazel' comes to visit and I get to sit in her lap. I am such a lap hoarder, my sisters make me move though!

I love keeping an eye on the neighborhood people. I visit with my neighbors, there is this cute baby down the street, and a nice lady that lets me play with her puppies, they're pugs. All the kids in the neighborhood knows I am not aloud out of our yard, so they come to visit me in the yard. If they see me out of my yard (when they come by and don't come see me, I go see them in the street!) They say "Niko in the yard!" and I go back to my yard :(.

Due to the huge amount of pictures, mommy placed them on more pages... ENJOY!
Picture Page 1
Picture Page 2
Picture Page 3
Picture Page 4
Picture Page 5
Snow pictures 2002!

Some great boxer links!
Cinema Boxers

Mommy is a volunteer of NorCal Boxer Rescue.
If you think you could help with:
blankets, leads, crates, food, transportation, adoption activities, or to be
a foster home, then please click NorCal Boxer Rescue of Texas to find out how!

This is Isabelle's (Izzy for short) puppies. She was rescued right before Christmas 2002 and she had a large healthy litter of puppies.
UPDATE: Izzy and her puppies have all found homes.. and are doing GREAT!!!

BUT if you go to the website, you will see our new Valentine puppies. AGAIN we rescued a mommy
about to give birth, all are healthy, and as of April 12, 2004 we are excepting ADOPTION applications..

If you would like to read, and see about my surgery to remove cancerous moles from my left legs ..

just being a ham...

OK, want to know the characteristics of a boxer? CLICK HERE
CLICK HERE to learn some silly boxer traits! Some of the other breeds may have some of the same traits as us ...
but I tell you something, EVERY boxer parent you meet will tell you that ALL these traits AND more are in every one of US :)

Don't laugh, but I have a HUGE pimple on the right side of my muzzle :(

Do you need or want some exercise? Do you need to get your humans off the couch? Are you staring at your humans for them to play with you? What about your skin brothers and sisters, are they wanting or needing some warm sun and new friends? Would you like to meet more boxers? Do your humans need to meet more humans? Well CLICK HERE because we have the best place to do all of that!!
UPDATE! We have not had a bash scheduled for a few months, but with it being
spring/summer we may begin them again! If you are interested, let us know if you want to join us!

Due to the amount of visits, mommy had to put up a counter just to keep track
since January 14, 2002

AND she had to give me my OWN Guest Book!!!
Please leave your paw prints, and some c-o-o-k-i-e-s!


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