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Welcome to Nikos Fotiou personal web page. The site has just been created so be patient and stay tuned!
How to make voipbuster calls from Ubuntu Linux
In this log I describe how to make phone calls using the popular voip program Voipbuster, in Ubuntu Linuxur.
Preparation needed in order to create a jsp application
In this log I describe all the steps needed before starting developing a jsp application. Following these steps will save you from a lot of troubles.
BGP Security
This log is my home assignment for the course Inter domain Routing of the Internetworking master program of KTH. It presents security issues of BGP.
Mobiles Section
A new article has been added on how to establish communication between your pc and your mobile phone via a com port, using Bluetooth
Greek Site on its way
Update 31/10/2005  I started writing some logs in Greek

I finally begun to create the Greek version of my website. 

Installing Linux in my laptop

Read about my effort to install Linux in my laptop, you may find something useful (last updated 31-1-2006)

ARP request using libnet library

Here is the code to produce a program that send arp request


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