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Raising the ISO setting or adjusting in editing results in noise.

How much is acceptable is up to you. It doesn't bother me unduely, so I would go up to the theoretical 1600ISO before saying Woah! in many situations :-)


This page gives an approximation of what happens when you repeatedly halve the exposure time which relates to working at a higher ISO speed, although the camera remained set to 100ISO. So what I call 200ISO is a deliberate under exposure by one stop, 400ISO under by two stops through to a theoretical 64000 ISO. The point of this is to enable a higher shutter speed to be used with subsequent correction made using Levels tool in editing, when the 'correct' exposure would result in a blurred image from subject movement or camera shake by the photographer. It is akin to over-developing film, but much easier and each image can be treated individually.

Corrections made in Photoshop where the histogram makes adjustments for under-exposure quite easy. Other work in PSP8.1 because I know it better.

Each shot was magnified to 100% and then cropped before reducing from 625 pixels to 400 pixels for here. So images are at about 64%.


The pair below have had some Noise Reduction applied

 and USM to lightness channel which emphasises noise



One on the right as indicated USM [200 to the lightness channel] on the just the vertical and 45 degree angled flower. Along with blur to the top left leaf which seemed to be exhibiting more noise than elsewhere due to it's darker tone.

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