April 29-30, 2007
Today turned out not to be such a great day.
Working my normal weekend shift @ work and was almost done for the day. Then my world began to unravel with a potentially sad ending.
I started bleeding around 6am. I immediately called my Supervisor, Mike who got on the phone and called in my relief and was coming to take me to the hospital emergency room. I called Shaun and all I could say was "I need you here, now".
I was shaking and couldn't calm down, didn't know what was happening, though expected the worst.
Arrived at the hospital at around 7:30am and wasn't long before getting out of the waiting room. I was seen by a doctor who checked me out and said I was a "Spontaneous, threatened Abortion" meaning, I could miscarry at any moment and there was no way to stop it.
We got home alter that morning, both of us exhausted.... I fell asleep on the coach praying that GOD would protect me.
When I awoke a few hours later, Shaun was getting ready for work and *I* had started bleeding again...worse than before.
We went back to the emergency room....this time waiting for about 6 hrs before seeing a doctor...
it's not a pleasant wait thinking you're miscarrying in a room full of strangers...
When we did get seen we had an ultrasound done, it showed that the pregnancy was still there and where it should be...and my cervix (sp) was closed;  I was told that I should just take it easy . How can you take it easy when you don't know whether to be happy or sad??
By this time it was Monday morning and all I could do was cry and pray......
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