April 18, 2007

Well, I had known for about a week that something was up. I hadn't been feeling well. I had been debating and debating over whether or not to purchase a home pregnancy test or not. My period was only a week late. But, my body was telling me that I should. So yesterday I picked one up from Zellers and took it back to Shaun's apartment.
Shaun got home in the wee hours of the morning and was completely exhausted from his night of work.  I gave him time to get settled into bed and then went to the bathroom.
I took the test and the results were instantaneous.... Positive Pregnancy!
I through open the door to Shaun's bedroom, wildly waving the stick in the arm at him
"See! See what you've done to me! I'm Pregnant!!!"
Shaun all sleepy-eyed looks up and says "I've seen those before and they don't always work. We'll go to the clinic and get tested just to be on the safe side."
I couldn't believe it..... he was questioning my "knowing" inside that I was AND the test... Men!
Then he goes on to state: "couldn't this have waited until AFTER I got some sleep."
My reponse was easy... "Nope".
So, we walked to the medical clinic...both not being able to stop the nervous smiles on our faces. As we sat down in the waiting room  we couldn't help but noticce that all around us were "Signs"..... baby magazines...babies on the tv....babies in the clinic waiting room...
Well, peed in a jar and waited for the results.... POSITIVE. No going back now... confirmed by a doctor, what more proof could we want. As we stepped outside the clinic, we had our moment of realization...we were going to be parents.....!
Our first stop was to visit Shaun's sister-in-law.... we needed someone to be our "first victim" of telling the news to.
Then the calls went out to the family.... my mother was in shock.....my Aunt Debbie and Aunt Verna seemed to be quite excited. :-)
Shaun was dreading telling his parents but, all turned okay in the end...though his father told us we better be having a boy. ;-P
It was a long day but, definitely exciting. A long and exciting adventure awaits us!

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