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I am 33 years old, married and have a 2 years old son Eddy. I do work as a Senior Systems Test Analyst for Accenture. I like traveling a lot. Caribbean and Mexico, Europe or Hawaii and have a lots of fun, while on vacation.
      I also like astronomy and often look at the galaxies through NASA's Web site Hubble telescope. Music is a part of my life - A-Ha, Fastball, Pink Floyd and all distinctive like these. Presently I live in sun-drenched Redwood Shores, which is only 35 minutes drive south from the City of San Francisco.
[email protected]
[email protected]
This page is dedicated to my friends and relatives who may want to find out more about my life in the United States and more fascinating things...
I was born in small town with a pretty nice name - Zlatoust, that is located in Ural region of Russia. Very contaminated but gorgeous place, something like Yosemite National Park.
     In June of 1995, I graduated from Southern Ural Technical University with Master's degree in Civil Engineering. Same month my family immigrated to the United States. Here, I started to feel passionate about computers and software and became a big fan of it.
     I am trilled that my entire family, except for grandmother, lives in this beautiful place, that is called Bay Area: my mom, dad and sister Tanya, who has graduated from University of San Francisco.
     Things are getting changed so rapidly. It seems that we came here only yesterday but it had been almost 9 years in the United States. Well, no matter what life prepares for us, what challenges we face, I still pleased to acknowledge that we keep a family after all. We keep our faith in kindness and honesty as best as we can and that makes us happy...
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