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Welcome to Nikolas Riki's Website. My name is Nikolas! :)It means Victory and Power, and I was born on the 6th of  May 2002. This page is all about me since the day I was in the womb until today. This special website was created to keep all my precious memories together in one place, as well as to keep our family and friends informed about my developments and achievements!
      All the pictures and stories are updated frequently as I'm growing up!  :) So, please make sure you come back again for my latest pictures and updates! Okie dokie then, I hope you enjoy your visit and if there is any problem occur while you browsing this website pls feel free to contact me as Mama always wants to make sure everything going smooth in this website! If the images don't display please just keep on checking back because sometimes there's just  a system error.  Make sure you always check the
'What's New?' to find out the latest news about me. Thanks a lot for your time and go on, start your click!
October 3, 2006
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My 4th Birthday Party Birthday Celebration- May 6, 2006
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