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Development Software and Tools. is the leading technical computing portal for scientists and engineers worldwide. Top categories are high-level programming languages like MATLAB, LabVIEW, Mathematica, and others.

Physics Related Software Manuals/Links

Combustion Simulation with CHEMKIN. CHEMKIN includes software applications targeted to simulation, optimization and design of combustion systems.

JBuilder is the leading cross-platform environment for learning Java� programming and visually developing Java applications for personal use. Multimedia training and tutorials make learning Java easy. Develop on Windows,� Linux� and Solaris.� JBuilder Personal includes the AppBrowser� integrated development environment, graphical debugging, extensible source code editor, compiler, visual designers, time-saving wizards, and Two-Way-Tools� with no proprietary markers. Instantly create JavaBeans� with BeansExpress.� Speed coding and reduce syntax errors with CodeInsight.� JBuilder includes support for the latest Java standards - Java 2 SDK v1.3, JFC/Swing, Graphics2D, serialization, JavaBeans, JNI, and more.
JBuilder Personal is a fully functional, entry-level version of JBuilder for personal, non-commercial use. The JBuilder Personal license does not expire.

A release of the JavaTM 2 Platform, Standard Edition version 1.4 software for Windows, Linux, and SolarisTM is now available to the Java community!
Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SETM) software is the premier solution for rapidly developing and deploying mission-critical, enterprise applications. Version 1.4 builds upon Java technology's cross-platform support and robust security model with new features and functionality, enhanced performance and scalability, and improved reliability and serviceability. Version 1.4 advances rich client application development and provides the foundation for standards-based, interoperable Web services that can be built and deployed today!

Register and get your Oracle9/Personal DB Editor for free.

Your Free Oracle Educational and Tutorial Web Resources.

The Free Borland C++Builder Compiler A blazingly fast 32-bit ANSI C++ optimizing compiler for Windows, is the core of Inprise/Borland's C++ compiler technology and the complete award winning Borland C++Builder 5 development system. It includes the latest ANSI/ISO C++ language support including the RTL, the STL framework with C++ template support. And now, the Borland C++Builder Compiler is available as a free download!

Bloodshed Dev-C++ is a full-featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the C/C++ programming language. It uses Mingw port of GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) as it's compiler. Dev-C++ can also be used in combination with Cygwin or any other GCC based compiler

Here you can download the lcc-win32 C compiler system. The system is self contained: you do not need anything else to get started programming in C in the Win32 environment. You get
1) Code generator (compiler, assembler, linker, resource compiler, librarian)
2) Integrated development environment with editor, debugger, make file generation, resource editor, etc.
3) User manual (approx 240 pages, Microsoft Word format), and technical documentation (approx 260 pages, same format).
All the binaries and the associated header files etc, are contained in an auto-installable executable that will create all the needed directory structure.

Free C/C++ Compilers Compilers, cross-compilers, interpreters for ANSI C and ANSI C++.

The Microsoft� DirectX� 8.1 Software Development Kit (SDK) contains the tools needed to build cutting-edge, media-rich, interactive applications. It includes the run-time, headers and libs, sample executables, sample source, documentation, DirectX utilities, and support for both C++ and Visual Basic� development. This SDK release also contains the DirectX 8.1 runtime release.

ActiveX SDK Core Components The core components of the ActiveX� SDK include headers, libraries, documentation in HTML format, sample code, licensing, and much more. This download will install on Intel or RISC platforms.

Tcl (Tool Command Language) is used by over half a million developers worldwide and has become a critical component in thousands of corporations. It has a simple and programmable syntax and can be either used as a standalone application or embedded in application programs. Best of all, Tcl is open source so it's completely free.

Mathmatica Info Center: Links from

Computer-aided design (CAD)


AutoCad from creator (AutoDesk).

Introduction to AutoCad. These notes outline the general characteristics of the PC-based drafting system known as AutoCAD. The purpose of these notes is to give a new user a broad conceptual understanding of the operation of this system. A summary description of most of the principal commands is included.

My AutoCad Source Page.

AutoCad Source Page from

The AutoCAD Resource Site from LLP - Users Helping Users. AutoCAD, AutoLisp, AutoCAD Online Magazines, User Groups, Links, News Groups, Tutorials... and more. This is my site for AutoCAD connections. If you need an answer, are looking for a place to grab a custom routine or just want to meet people who are into AutoCAD as much as you, welcome.

Free Info Assistant for AutoCad Users.

Canada's Best Source of AutoCad Software.

Learning AutoCad.

The Largest Source of AutoCad Components.

AutoCad in Russia.

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ProEngineer from creator.

Pro/Engineer is a suite of tutors that are used in the design, analysis, and manufacturing of a virtually unlimited range of products.

Home of The San Diego Pro/ENGINEER User Group: tutors, Links, Jobs ...

ProductView Express A plug-in for your Web browser that enables the viewing and manipulation of Pro/ENGINEER and Pro/DESKTOP parts, assemblies and drawings in your Web browser.

Web Tutor ProEngineer: Plate with Hole

Help/tutorials/online from Wisconsin University.

Pro/E: The Magazine is firmly established as the magazine of choice for the Pro/ENGINEER user. This independent publication, which reaches over 35,000 qualified users, provides the latest information on cutting-edge developments in the industry.

CAD Directory: Academics, Tutorials:
� Florida International University: Manufacturing Resource: Online tutorials on Autodesk Mechanical Desktop and Pro/Engineer. � Northwestern University: Tutorial on Pro/Engineer and Pro/Mechanica. � ProEngineer 2000i@WISC: Introductory tutorial. � Southern Illinois University: Pro/Engineer Fix design tutorial. � Staffordshire University: Pro/Engineer Tutorials.

The Pro/E WebRing is dedicated to those pages that contain useful information on the Pro/ENGINEER software package from Parametric Technology Corporation.

This site is mainly about Pro/E related stuff (Home Page).

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Autodesk Inventor

Autodesk, proven by 20 years of design expertise and trusted by 5 million users, brings you Autodesk Inventor� 6 software for 3D mechanical design. Acclaimed for its ease of use, Autodesk Inventor has advanced help and support features to give you a smooth transition from 2D to 3D. Plus, industry-leading DWG compatibility and exceptional large assembly performance help you get better products to market faster. With a completely modern architecture and an intuitive user interface, Autodesk Inventor is the smartest choice in 3D mechanical design software.

CAD FORUM:... Inventor.

TopTen Autodesk Inventor Sites.

A technical support resource for users of Autodesk Mechanical CAD Software including Autodesk Inventor & Mechanical Desktop Technical Resources.

Autodesk Inventor Demonstration Center. Here you can view technical demonstrations, delivered straight to your desktop in streaming format. For best results, be sure to maximize the Windows Media Player window while viewing the demonstrations.

Mechanical Design: CAD/CAM Solutions Autodesk Inventor.

ITware publications Autodesk Inventor (in Russian).

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Welcome to ANSYS Inc. - computer-aided engineering technology and engineering design analysis software products and services.

ANSYS.NET: an ansys user's resource.

These pages are intended to serve several purposes. They introduce Finite Element Analysis (FEA), which I use regularly. They include my experiences using FEA with ANSYS�.

University of Alberta - ANSYS Tutorials.

ANSYS Tips and ANSYS Tricks.

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CAD - CAM - automated design - technical drawing - visualization.

Augiworld is a collection of information media that provides members of AUGI with content about the vast Autodesk Community. The focus of this content includes third party software, hardware, training, and other important issues that affect users of Autodesk products

CAD Forum is the best online resource for anything related to AutoCAD/CAD/Graphics

A CAD resource site for engineering professionals where visitors can add their opinions.

An independent magazine specifically for users and managers of CAD in all sectors of industry.

A magazine focusing on the following CAD software: autocad, solid works, solid edge ...

SmartDraw allows you to draw accurate and detailed diagrams and schematics without the hassles of an expensive CAD program. SmartDraw includes hundreds of professional templates and ready-made symbols that you simply drag-and-drop onto your page.

Site Users Of CAD System from exUSSA/

GraphInfo Collection of CAD Computer Graphics.

CAD and Graphics (Russian)/

All about CAD in Russia.

Links to CAD from Nesterov.


Documentation for MathWorks Products (Release 13): MATLAB: MATLAB Toolboxes, Simulink: Simulink Blocksets....

Control tutorial for MatLab from University of Michigan.

VisSim offers several easy-to-use features for integrating MATLAB files, variables or functions within the VisSim simulation environment.

Help for PC MATLAB and Simulink

Link to OnLine Tutorials on Matlab

Links to OnLine Tutorials on Matlab from Yahoo.

Consulting Center MatLab from

Links to MatLab from

Russian Center Of SoftLine: Examples, Lectures ...

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MathCAD 11 and MathCAD Enterprise from

Adept Scientific: Introducing MathCAD 11.

Links to Mathcad files, Adobe Acrobat files, and pointers to other sources of Mathcad documents on many topical areas within Physical Chemistry

Tips for Mathcad User

Book: MathCad 8 Pro (In Russian)

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Resource Library: Over 100,000 pages of information on Mathematica, mathematics, science and more

Mathematica Tutorials. Mathematica is a comprehensive technical computing environment. The Mathematica Book contains over fourteen hundred pages documenting every aspect of Mathematica.

Mathematica On Line (Russian).

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Waterloo Maple Software Center: Info, Tutorials, Examples.

Maple Applications.

Tutorials Maple from Yahoo.

National Instrument Tools:
LabWindows/CVI, LabVIEW, TestStand

Application Development (from NI Developer Zone): Drivers and Updates KnowledgeBase Product Manuals Installation and Getting Started Hardware Conformity and Dimensional Drawings Example Code Tutorials and Application Notes Instrument Drivers Discussion Forums Measurement Encyclopedia
NI LabVIEW 6: Strong integration with a wide variety of measurement devices. Lower development costs through rapid development. Powerful, built-in measurement analysis. Compiled for faster performance. Intuitive, industry-standard graphical development environment
If is your first time to use ActiveX control in LabView!
LabWINDOWS/CVI: Advanced ActiveX and multithreaded capabilities. Built-in measurement libraries for I/O, analysis, and presentation. Interactive user interface, instrument drivers, and code creation.
LabWindows/CVI is a great package from National Instruments. Its main purpose is to be a powerful tool for writing data acquisition programs, but it's really a multipurpose 32 bits C compiler, doubled by a code generator and some of the most powerful C libraries ever seen on a PC (easy to use and very complete User Interface, signal/maths and more with Advanced Analysis, Data Acquisition, VXI, GPIB 488, VISA, TCP, DDE, formatting and I/O, Utilities and finally ANSI C).
TestStand 2: High-speed Parallel Test Execution, Call Test Wrigten in any Language, Web Based Report Generation (XML), Build-in Database Connectivity.
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