General Electronics.

Reynolds Electronics. Here you'll find a growing selection of projects, tutorials and products for the PicBasic� Compilers, BASIC Stamp�, Microchip PIC�, 8051 microcontroller, remote control, and more...
Epanorama: Circuits, hardware, programming, prototiping
Laser Diagnostics and Combustion - Vanderbillt University, Nashville
This eLibrary is a complete set of free CAD tools and it still available as an open-source product to overcome the source-code size limits.
The status of open hardware designs
General Information and Links: Test & Mesuarement World
SRI's Molecular Physics Laboratory provides government and commercial clients with fundamental and applied research in areas involving laser sensors and diagnostics, mass spectroscopy, and chemical modeling.

Control and test tools.

National Instrument Tools: LabWindows/CVI 5.5, LabVIEW 6, TestStand 2.0

NI LabVIEW 6: Strong integration with a wide variety of measurement devices. Lower development costs through rapid development. Powerful, built-in measurement analysis. Compiled for faster performance. Intuitive, industry-standard graphical development environment
If is your first time to use ActiveX control in LabView!
LabWINDOWS/CVI: Advanced ActiveX and multithreaded capabilities. Built-in measurement libraries for I/O, analysis, and presentation. Interactive user interface, instrument drivers, and code creation.
LabWindows/CVI is a great package from National Instruments. Its main purpose is to be a powerful tool for writing data acquisition programs, but it's really a multipurpose 32 bits C compiler, doubled by a code generator and some of the most powerful C libraries ever seen on a PC (easy to use and very complete User Interface, signal/maths and more with Advanced Analysis, Data Acquisition, VXI, GPIB 488, VISA, TCP, DDE, formatting and I/O, Utilities and finally ANSI C).
TestStand 2: High-speed Parallel Test Execution, Call Test Wrigten in any Language, Web Based Report Generation (XML), Build-in Database Connectivity.
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MATLAB, SimuLink

MATLAB 6:test and Measurement, Data Analysis and Explorations. Signal and image processing.
SimuLink 4 is tool for modeling, simulation and analysis of dynamic systems,

Simulink engineering : tools for professional, practicing research, development, design, production, and application engineers - - includes links to latest guides, handbooks, references, examples, project and software updates.

Dynamic Simulation and Control of Chemical Processes - using MATLAB Simulink Dynamic Simulation and Control of Chemical Processes - using MATLAB Simulink I have just started learning MATLAB and Simulink.

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