Sagan of Chickens
This website belongs to Sagan Lacy, whom is a friend of mine, but I don't admit that often. He is very good at western-style cartooning and weilds Paint Shop Pro very well.
Sunseed8 Artwork
This is Sunmi's Anime Website. Her drawings are very much on par with professional Shojo-Manga. She is versatile with all sorts of media.
Blackdot Studios
Author of "RPG World" and "IanComix", Ian J is a very talented cartoonist. He is often an inspiration to some of my works.
Ashes To Ashes
A fellow member at Blackberry Creek, Ashieyu is a budding manga prodigy. Not only does she draw Manga, but offers reviews on more famous ones and Anime as well.
Starfield Creations
This is the website of Andrew Dickman, the man behind "Rockman Neo" at Newgrounds. I checked out his website and he excells in both Western and Anime styles of animation.

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