Color Works
''Bomb go boom!''
Shock Trooper Niko
Niko Ironclad has been my "staple lizard mascot" for me ever since Elementary School, when he took on many different stages with different names. This piece is done not on the computer, but rather painted on a canvas, which explains its craptasticness. Man I can't work without technology. Some hardcore artists call it a "handicap" but then again, the new age is lazy and reaps more rewards. Just count that "hardworking old school ethic" as a blessing.
''Go Shifta yourself you...''
Phantasy Star Online - FOmar Dr. Wasabi
This is a sort of a fanart for Phantasy Star Online, which, in its time, and maybe even now still, is a very fun MMORPG. Dr. Wasabi is a FOmar, which is a Male Human Mage. Designated as "Battle Priest" meaning he is supposed to fight as good as he heals, but he's still kind of weak. The good doctor weilds the M&A60 Vise mechguns. No, FOmars don't suck. No, Mechguns don't suck.
Blind and Slash!
Who is Derdernefix? He's actually a mascot character concieved by my friend Patrick, but he didn't have a physical form until I went up and drew what might be him. Nobody really knows what Derdernefix really looks like or what his intentions are.
I like to break things.
Uber-Powerful Blastamatron True Form
The Uber-Powerful Blastamatron is a giant Anti-Justice robot that's designed to level buildings, set fire to villages, eat people and on a general level, break things. It might be a robot, but there is an over-ride mechanism within it which hooks up to the driver and changes its form to resemble him and gain abilities. It will debut in the Blackberry Creek's CBK Crossover comic.
''Looks like I'll have to take matters into my own able hands...''
Uber-Powerful Blastamatron Faust Form
This is the Uber-Powerful Blastamatron when the evil Faust is in the driver's seat. The Blastamatron is mutated from the ground up to sport a tattered death-poncho, a new head-unit, and a re-vamped version of the VICE.
''I don't care how they work, it still pisses me off.''
ScabDust - F0RS4K3N
ScabDust is a depressing section of the portfolio drawn "to battle my daily demons." The Kanji symbol on that guy's head is "Itai" which means "Pain." I always saw straight-jackets the symbol of insanity and being trapped and wheeled dolleys as a symbol of forced direction. The demon donning the form of a woman is pretty self explanitory. Doc Was also had girl trouble back in his old days too.
''The corner didn't help any.''
ScabDust - Numb to the World
ScabDust is a depressing section of the portfolio drawn "to battle my daily demons." In this piece, the straight-jacket theme is still there, and so is the glowing single "Zeon Suit" eye which symbolizes a sort of evil. The evil suit depicts the action of "going nuts and taking things into my own hands" which isn't exactly one of the healthiest things to do.

Black and White Works
Hide under Hate
As an artist I have to always keep in my mind that there are still a million people better than me at what I do. Thing is, even with that in mind when I DO run across someone I still feel like strangling him or go drink or something. Eh', what the heck. Strangling people's against the law, and I'm under age, so I'll just draw some dark representational piece. I was actually quite proud of this one, despite the fact that it isn't Photoshopped.
Happy Niko!
Coffee Ring
This piece is just a random slew of random stuff put together. The girl on the top left is inspired from this Capcom game "One Piece Mansion" which I haven't played. Overall I like the craziness, but I'm not all too proud of the craftsmanship of this piece.
''Whuchu be talkin' 'bout, Nemesis?''
Day Needs Saving - Nemmy & Aeris
This was another crazy piece I just thought up sometime in Summer of 2002. The perfect family-based sitcom would consist of Nemesis of RE3, Aeris of FF7, and Gary Coleman. The family was intended to be a sub-plot in the comic "Day Needs Saving" conjoured up by my friends.
To Erase
ScabDust - Execution
ScabDust is a depressing section of the portfolio drawn "to battle my daily demons." When I was young, and sometimes even now, when I think of a bad or immoral thought or idea, my brain has an uncontrolled reaction of mentally stabbing itself with a sharp object (usually a spear) to erase the thought.
Two years and over $100 down the toilet
ScabDust - No Second Chances
ScabDust is a depressing section of the portfolio drawn "to battle my daily demons." This picture was done during Algebra 2. Shortly before I had some more girl trouble during the lunch break.

More to come soon.

Please do not steal my artwork or ideas.

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