Please Note: Geocities will be discontinuing the web site service after October.  Therefore, all new tutorials will now be found at my blog, Catarific Paint Shop Pro for Beginners.   I have all the tutorials housed on my computer, so if there are any you would like to see at the blog, please write me here with a reference of old tuts on new blog.

PTU - Pay to Use Art  - Tutorials featuring art where licenses have been purchased

FTU - Free to Use Art - Tutorials featuring art that is free to use.  Some of these tutorials, when written, had the artists' permissions for use.  With free to use art, revocations by the artists can happen.  I am sure that some of these tutorials probably now have art on tags that no longer can be used. Before using any free to use art in your creations, do check the artist's terms of use and make sure permission was not revoked.

ABOUT - Terms of use for these tutorials


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