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not much going on right now - it is summer, after all, and there are more important things in life than
maintaining obscure d.i.y. labels that very few people know about and even fewer people give
a damn about (though i can't think of any such things right now). i've been reading nabokov & playing with klub
argot, the premier (not to say only) danish community of da-da noise makers, at the danish forma nova festival.
both of these activities are highly recommendable.

the nasa dude cd-r got some nice reviews - those of you who read danish can look at them here:
geiger &
undertoner. for those of you who don't know, "ate her" is a collection of (mostly) previously unreleased
songs by carl christian tofte, the "grand old man" of the danish lo-fi rawk scene. you can listen to some of the songs
the nasa dude myspace site.
the latest low fire release, entitled "salvation is at hand", got a pretty nice review & a pretty awful one.
share the nice one with you & forget the other one. 4 of the songs on this li'l ep can be heard on
low fire myspace site.

summer laziness aside, new releases are in the works. one will be a comp featuring works by various people
whose works i'm in love with, and the other will be another album of unreleased stuff by carl christian tofte
(he's got loads!) & i promise that this one will be even better (& in danish!). so stay tuned, and do not hesitate to
write me if you should feel like it.

best, niklas


flameout is a small danish d.i.y. label that releases lo-fi, fucked-up folk, noise/improv & whatever the heck i feel like. here's a catalog of releases that are currently available:

nasa dude: ate her (cd-r, ltd to 100 copies with silk-screened covers)

a collection of previously unreleased songs by carl christian tofte, the grand ol' man of the danish lo-fi scene & leader of the beloved obstinate esther.
from lo-fi pop to spazz punk, it's all here on this retrospective spanning the years 1995-2000.
(60 dkr / $ 8 / 8 )

low fire: salvation is at hand (cd-r)

5 new songs of sputtering spite and mellow misery for you to soak your heart in.
(30 dkr / $ 4 / 4 )

low fire: why do you have to be so depressing?
10 new songs of melancholic bedroom singer-songwriter pop. recommended if you like sentridoh, simon joyner and all those other (ex-)home-taper types.
go listen to a song (called "where's your dignity these days?").
(30 dkr / $ 4 / 4 )

devastate of mind: live in katmandu
a tape collecting the first 3 cassettes (read: modern classics) from the master of no-fi pop and disorientating free spazz. has been compared to suckdog as well as a male prostitute on bad acid.

(30 dkr / $ 4 / 4)


bimbo sons: live from your memory ban
ks (butterflied lamb, cd-r)
bimbo sons, the magnificent boyscout brothers, spew forth a mesmerizing collection of free spazz, psychedelic free folk and wonderfully sweaty noise. ltd. edition of 100 featuring a rad, silks-creened cover by danish artist (and publisher of the great art brut magazine smittekilde), zven balslev.
go listen to a song (called "don't drain the living").

LOW FIRE STUFF ON OTHER LABELS (which i can help you obtain, should your efforts prove unsuccesful):

low fire: i didn't reject the world (the world rejected m
e) (monotone records, cassette)
a collection of early, hardcore lo-fi songs recorded on microcassette recorder.

low fire: the emptiness explodes
(tape mountain, cd-r)
the very first low fire release - 19 songs in 18 minutes!
go read a review.


tape mountain

jake anderson, the mastermind behind celesteville, runs this wonderful portland-based label

monotone records

the premier lo-fi folk label today, run by the extremely talented kevin huelbig

beyond repair
extremely beautiful noise cassettes assembled & released by extremely beautiful danish teens!

snowdrop records

danish d.i.y. isn't dead, far from it!

great danish art brut publishing house that also put out a double vinyl feat devastate of mind

plane crash in boxes
a fine danish cassette label releasing noise & improv stuff


chris fischer's neo-legendary lo-fi label


great danish d.i.y. label who also put out some compilations feat. embarassing low fire songs

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