Snow or Sun...I Think of You

The moon doth seem to shine so bright amidst this snowy shower.
This my home has always been each detail ere I thought I knew;
Tonight I found a new and graceful sight that reminded me of you.

The curve of hills were sleek and solid a reminder of thy shoulders
The strength of mountains bespoke thy stature; I begin to smolder.
I saw the gold of winter�s sun turn a fuzzy shade of blue,
And evergreens covered by snowy boughs I suddenly saw anew.

This blue tinged sight is grand and immense I readily admit,
It gives one pause to know just how our lives must ere befit.
The heat or cold, the day or night, the winds, the rains, the sun
Whatever the weather allows us is what we can get done.

Thou come to me in rays of sun with shirt molded to thy body
I pass thy farm going to town shirtless thou art, oh what folly.
Not only does the weather dictate the things we aught can do
Tis a determining factor of how we dress
I think I prefer summer best.

The Times They Are a'Changing
I know it's quite unconventional these days
To have the rape victim be disputed,
In past days , the victim would be the one on trial.
Attorneys adept at this rapidly became reputed
They also became very repugnant to many
Rape is not a delightful event at any time
The difference is the evidence now is more precise and not a song and dance.

Looking through the window in my bedroom late last night
I noticed how large the pecan tree has gotten.
I guess I became a little thoughtful for I lost all track of time
It was an astounding discovery; locking up was something I�d forgotten.
I checked all doors and windows then shuffled off to bed
I had the same dream all night and woke not feeling rested.
Sometimes I have memories of the rape and all that has been said.
It seems a headache will always follow and all remedies have tested.
When this happens I drive to the river, just sit in my car and admire
The glorious creations of God, I smile and find a tear in my eye.
It's not from memories, the sunset is beginning to mark the end of another day
A sunrise or sunset is always awesome, makes me wish I could fly.
Then I could be as close to heaven as that bird I see right now
Wouldn�t it be a breathtaking thing to be that close to God?

Erotica is a part of us that God himself made for us to enjoy. Society just needs to learn the difference between EROTIC and VULGAR. I believe in abstinence until marriage and monogamy after marriage. But again, you have a God given right to make your own choices. Just because I do not agree with some of the choices you make, I won't abstain from your company or refuse conversation or talk badly about you. I will just not participate in what I do not agree with on any point.

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