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  Teen Action Council, also called TAC to make life easier, is a group of teens who attend Bridgeport High School, near Saginaw, Michigan, and who have made a commitment to a safe and sober lifestyle. These teens come from all ethnic groups and diverse backgrounds, and share a multitude of interests. Among them you'll find cheerleaders, a football quarterback, girl and boy basketball players (and their team captains!), band members, golfers, softball players, the National Honor Society President, Homecoming representatives, actors, artists, and kids who just like to have a good time.  Sound like your kind of group? They think so...and they love to show others how to have fun without getting illegal about it!


Teen Action Council would like to invite any interested Michigan high school students to our summer leadership training camp. It will be held from July 9-12 at Camp Mahn Go Tah See, near Hale, MI, on Loon Lake. Cost is $85.00 per person, including advisors, and you must have an advisor along to work with! Price includes all the food you can eat, and a roof over your head. We'll have workshops on teen issues, speakers, planning times for school teams to work on activities for their own schools or communities, teambuilding activities, a dance one evening, and time for fun in the sun!

You'll get a chance to meet new people from around the state with similar interests, and hopefully, plan a large activity that we can have in each community simultaneously at a later date. For more info on the camp, contact Nikki Smith at the email on the right. All reservations must be made by May 15, 2001. See you at camp!

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