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6/08/02 and 8/08/02

More midis added on Music page


World cup news  (tables and results shown)


Music page - Midi of the week:  S-Club7 - Reach


They're back from their hols ..... come and meet The Simpsons. 
Links page - done ..... if I've missed anyone out, please let me know and I'll credit you.


Nothing much to report apart from me having to re-do this page from scratch ..... great!!!   Geocities have been doing maintenance work and somehow some of the stuff on this page disappeared ..... I'll be adding more soon, so keep checking back.


Music page now up and running - come and join the party  ...... new midis added.
More family dolls page - little family members now added.
Watch out for The Simpsons  - they're on their hols for a week or two, but keep looking in, they could return early!
Links page - Credit will be given to all that have helped make my web site possible, but it'll take time to thank everyone so please be patient.


Started building my web site.

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