Ayden Norman Siddons
We actually went into LABOR!!  I went into labor at 10 pm Wednesday and didn't even realize that is what was happening by 2 am I was leaking fluid and decided...HELLO!!  I better go to the hospital.  Once we were there, they monitored us for 10 minutes and then off to surgery we went!
Born:  August 3rd @ 4:48 am
Height:   22"                  Weight:  9 lbs. 14 oz.
Hair:  Brown                     Eyes:  Blue
Hospital Info:
                Memorial Hospital of Burlington
                252 McHenry St.
                Burlington, Wisconsin 53105
Click Here for the Hospital Website
Daddy:  I'm still gonna call him AJ.
Mommy:  He is perfect.
Skyler:  The baby is here!!!  He is so cute.
Brett:  Baby, baby, baby.
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