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Ayden's 2nd Birthday
Kenosha County Fair 2008
Hiking Trips in August
Candids in August
Candids in September
Brett's 4th Birthday
Candids in December
Trip to Minnesota October 2008
Christmas 2008
Candids in November
Skyler's Field Trip
Sky's 6th Birthday Party
Brewers Game
Our New Puppy: Ruby
SNAP Charity Ball
Candids in Spring 2008
Includes Skyler's E.R. visit
Skyler's Horse Camp
Trip to the Lake
Milwaukee Zoo with the Stutzmans
Trip to Green Bay
Skyler's Recital
Candids in July 2008
Skyler's Kindergarten Graduation
Brett's Preschool Graduation
Candids in June 2008
Candids in May 2008
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