As of right now Dt.net is compleatly gone.. I do have my Starlight-kiss.net domain up and running with my new Hosting service for all my Sailormoon Stuff.

Reason being is that my old shared hosting company compleatly dissapeared. OKTAGONE I repeat.. has compleatly dissapeared. I had nothing for over 4 months and there are hundreads if not thousands of other clients in the same boat.. some of which depended their buisnesses upon their reselling.. (but thats their own stories).

Some word of advice to all people starting out.. look around for a few months.. go to chat channels or forums and find out more about a certain host your looking at.. make sure they have great support and not just a telephone number..

OKTAGONE started out with a forum and a chat but then over a year they dissapeared.. I should of gotten out then but I didn't.. now I'm stuck with 135 US dollar renewal that was made in November (2004) and nothing really to show for it. except for a humugus migraine.

Big props goes out to the kids at PowWeb that is where I currently am. and might bring digital-tenshi.net over there I'm not quite sure yet. they have answered all my questions and I have lurked in their Chat room to see how people react and help one another.. and I was very impressed.. now my sites are of no means important but I hate wasting money..

so for those who are starting up a buisness.. remember you get what you paid for.. cheap prices means cheap buisness. spend a little more to do it yourself.

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