Little Goodbyes (Kristyn Osborn, Jason Deere & Kenny Greenburg)

(ooooo,oooo) I'm gonna tell you something you don't wanna hear / you never listen when I talk/ Maybe youl'll listen when I walk/ So I made my mind up and made a sandwich/ and I didn't shed a tear / I gave you one last minute of my time / In this mess I left behind / When you come come home tonight / And turn on the light / Don't you be surprised to find /
Chorus 1 / My little goodbyes / Empty hangers  by the closet door / Lipstick tube on the bathroom floor / My little Goodbyes / Unpaid bills by the kitchen phone / I took the beatles, left Billy Joel / Little Goodbyes, little goodbyes/ I'm sure you're sure I'll be back in just an hour or two/ You'll tape a Hallmark to my door / They always say it better than you / And if you're wondering / When You're gonna hear from me / Well, take a real good look around boy / And it won't be hard to see? When you come home toniht and turn on the light / Don't you be surprised to find / Chorus 2/ My little goodbyes / Took your favorite Dodger's hat / Left the litter, but I took the cat / My little Goodbyes / Loaded up the tv in the back of my car / Have fun watching the VCR / Little goodbyes, oh baby, little goodbyes/ Bridge/ So, cry to your mama /and your sympathetic friend and tell'em / and tell them how the story ends/ Chorus 3 / My little goodbyes / Took the hourglass, left the sand / Now you got time on your hands / My little goodbyes /Took the statue from Japan / Funny little Buddha man/ Chorus 4/ My little goodbyes / Change my voice on the machine / or there'll be little goodbyes with every ring / My little goodbyes / left the pictures and took the frame / I've got the umbrella, here comes the rain / Yeah, yeah, yeah/ Little goodbyes / Rain-yeah, yeah, yeah /Little goodbyes / hey hey-yeah, yeah, yeah/ Hey, hey-yeah yeah yeah / Little goodbyes

I Will..But (Kristyn Osborn & Jasaon Deere)

I won't be bored / I won'te be ignored / Hey!/ I won't be your dirty secret / I won't be youre cure-all-pill / And I won't run to fetch the water / Just to tumble down the hill /  I won't be your Friday paycheck / I won't be your prize you flaunt/ And I won't be your Martha Stewart, baby / Or your all night restuarant /
Chorus: But I will, I will be your everything / if you make me feel like a woman should/ I will, I will, I will be the whole sheband / You know I will...but / I won't be your crutch to lean on / I won't wear stiletto heels/ I won't walk amile in your shoes / Just so I know how if feels/ I won't be your obligation / I won't be your Barbie Dall / I won't be the portrait of perfection / To adorn your wall/ Repeat ChorusBridge: know, you know I will / All right / I won't be your lifetime girlfriend / I won't be just one of the guys / I won't be your mama's favorite/I refuse to be the last in line / Repeat Chorus /Yeah I will, I will, I will be your everything / I will, I will be the whole shebang / I will, I will be your everything / I will I will I will I wil-yeah/ You know I will / You know you know I will/ youk now I will / You know, you know I will-yeah

This Woman Needs (Kristyn Osborn, Bonnie Baker, & Connie Harrington)

This woman that takes on the world / And picksup your shirst, keeps it together somehow/ thissame woman, taht melst with your touch / wants to fell what I'm feeling right now /
Chorus: 'Cause this woman needs / A safe place to land / The strength in your hands / To know you know / What this woman needs / Is somewhere I cry / So tlay by my side/ And I'll tell you. I'll tell you / This woman nees to be rassured / That my heart's your home and love is what will you to stay / I need you to see me in every light / and hear that you still think I'm beautiful anyway / Repeat Chorus / What this woman needs/ Yeah, what this woman needs / yeah yeah yeah / what this woman needs

Before Me and You
(Kristyn Osborn, Jason Deere & Bonnie Baker)

Every kiss before this / was nothing but I waste of breath / And every I love you was just a whoop de doo / Never knew what Imissed before this / Da doo doo, doo / Ooo ooo/ And every love song before you came along / was always about someone else / Oh, and every star was just a wish to far / Always a realist, yeah, before this /Chorus:  And the way things go, you never know / where love will lead you to / ANd everything we've ever dreamed / Lies before me and you / People say, it's not everyday / That you find the perfect fit / But when I fell for you, I found the other shoe / Cupid was a myth before this / Repeat Chorus / yeah / da doo doo doo doo doo / da doo doo doo doo doo / da doo doo doo doo/ yeah/ Repeart Chorus / yeah before me / me and you

Lucky 4 You (Tonight I'm Just Me)_(Kristyn Osborn, Jason Deere, & Coley McCabe)

You always said that I have multiple personalities / I bounce around somewhere between my dreams and reality / So where'd you dig up the audacity to ask me / How we've all been doing / Since we broke our hearts / (well, so far)/
Chorus:  Number 5 just cries a river a minute / 7 wants to tie you up and drown you in it /Yeah,14 just wants to say so long, bygones/ 32 wants to do things to you that'll make you blush / 10 would key the El Camino that you love so much / And there ain't nobody wants to mess with 23 / Oh, lucky 4 you tonight I'm just me / I guess the party's more than your new Barbie bargained for / She's got you be the sleeve, slowly easing towards the door/ She's probably right, you should be movin on / Don't know how long we can behave / Better have the valet get your car / (Cause you know how women are) / Repeat Chorus/ Bridge: Forgiveness is the key / According to my shrink / but, it's not just up to me / (I don't know girls, what d ya think) / Repeat Chorus 3X

Still Holding Out For You (Kristyn Osborn & Richard Marx)

Never thought I'd be in this place / It's someone else's life I'm living / Wish I were living a lie / The hardest part is when the bough breaks / Falling down and then forgiving / You didn't kiss me goodbye / I choking on the words I didn't get to say / And Pray Iget the chance one day /
Chorus: I still run, I still swing open the door / I still think, you'll be there like before / doesn't everyone out there know to never come around / Some things a heart won't listen to /I'm still holding out for you / I can hear you smile in the dark / I can even feel your breathing /But daylight chases the ghosts / I see your coat and I fall apart /to those hints of you I'm clinging / Now when I need them most / I should get up, dry me eyes and move ahead /At least that's what you would have said / Repeat Chorus / Bridge: Faithfully, I trace you name while you sleep / It's the only true comfort I feel / I still run, I still swing open the door / I still think you'll be there like before / Repeat Chorus / holding out / holding out for you

(Kristyn Osborn & Carolyn Dawn Johnson)

I thought that this was supposed to feel good/ And if you were really mine/ I guess it would /I didn't fall in love /Cause it was the right thing to do / I just went aheaqd and fell for you /
Chorus: Oh, somewhere down the line / I guess that love became a crime / This contradiction makes no sense / This is punishment / I feel like this judgement day / I'll raise my hand, stand up and say / I don't believe I'm innocent / This is punishment / Truth is your heart was never mineto take / Now I'm stuck in a feeling / That I'll never shake/ I prayed for it to go / God knows I want it to stay / But here I am loving you either way / Repeat Chorus / Bridge: You'll never feel all the things I can't say / and I'll never know if it's better this way / Repeat Chorus / Oh, somewhere down along the line /I guess that love became a crime / (This is punishment) / I feel like this is judgement day / I'll raise my hand, stand up and say / (This is punishment) / This is punishment / This is punishment / (This is , this is , this is, punishment)

Cause I Like It That Way (Kristyn Osborn & Hollie P. Poole)

Hey Jake, take back / All those lines you're tripping /That's now who I am / It aiin't that quaint / your composure's slipping/ Right into my hands / 'Cause when- just a little bit, just a little bit ) I smile (just a little bit ) You fall hard /
Chorus: Stop listening to you / Start listening to Me / I'll know when the lights are changing, You'll see / If you've liking the view / baby, It don't come free-yeah yeah / (Cause when-just a little bit, just a little bit ) I smile  /  Just a little bit You fall hard / Repeat Chorus / da da da da da-hey/ da da da da da / da da da da sa hey / Caouse when-just a little bit , just a little bit ) I smile / Just a little bit you fall hard / Repeat Chorus/ I think you're gonna stay, cause I like it that way/ I think you gonna stay, think you're gonna stay / I think you gonna stay /Uh huh

Without Your Love (Kristyn Osborn, Stephony Smith & Cathy Majeski)

What if my heart / Had walked right past you / what if my eyes / had never asked you/ To come and take the chains / Taht kept me weighted down / If you never saved me / Oh I know I'd still be /
Chorus: Walking in sinking sand / Flying with no place to land / Oh I'd be lost / Searching for you / Heaven would be out of reach / my soul left incomplete / That's where I'd be / without your love/ You're the reason / Taht I feel so safe / The way you hold me / Holds my heart in place / I'm just thankful to be / Where I am right now / Without your arms around me / I'd be where you found me / Repeat Chorus / ahh, ah / ahh,ah / Oh, I would be / Repeat Chorus /Thats where I'd be / without your love

A Night To Remember (Kristyn Osborn, Jason Deere & Bob Farrell)
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