Craig and I
Your perfect in everyway,
From your awesome smile,
To those blue eyes,
That take my breath away.

The hugs that you give,
Make me feel safe and secure,
For the love they give,
I think there is no cure.

The look that you give,
Lets me know you care,
When looking in your eyes,
I will never be scared.

When i'm with you,
There are no worries or fears,
And I know,
You'll never make me show tears.

When I look at your face,
With those kissable lips,
The kiss of love,
I just cant resist.
                                  By Nicole
Craig and I at his mom's on Easter
Craig and I summer of 2003 at my sisters.
A little summer fun. Yeah I know it looks like he is whooping me but really I am whooping him
Craig and i on New Years Eve
Craig is the single most important person in the whole world to me. I love him so much. Him and I have a great relationship. Of corse we have or troubles every once in awhile but who dont. Although we always make-up and are happy agian. The poem at the top is written by me about him!
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