Steve Alesha and Kids
This is Steve Alesha Steve Shana and Lexy. My brother his wife and thier kids. I am really close to them.I love them all very much. Alesha is more like a sister than a sister-in-law. I know I can go to either one of them when i need someone to talk to. The kids are awesome. They are all so sweet. There is never a time that I am around that the kids dont hug me an tell me they love me. The all also consider Craig part of the family. We all ways have a ton of fun together
Stevie Shana and Lexy
Shana Stevie and Lexy. Take summer of 2003 when we went to the Zoo. Everyone had loads of fun!!
Steve and Alesha. The greatest couple in the world. Of corse besides Craig and I.(lol) The are to of the greatest poeple in the world!
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