You are the brightest star
    Agianst the blackest of nights
     You are a leader among your peers
    For you strive to get what you want,
      never stopping until you attain your goal
    You are as strong as a mountain, Never             swaying in your moral or beleifs.
    But you are also as soft as a feather down.
      Never ashamed to shed a tear and a 
    shoulder to cry on when a freind is in need
     Everyone is drawn to your smile and laugh,
    For in those no one can stay angry
     You will forever be the star of your
    own show

                                             By Jennifer
Dont GO My Love
Room spinning,
Whats goin on?
There you were,
now where have you gone?

I can't see you
You have run away
Please dont go
Please I beg you stay

I cant go on
Cant do this on my own
I cant take it anymore
cant do it all alone

Please dont go
Please your my angel from above
Please i beg you
Dont go my love

                                           By Tamra

These are a couple poems Written by my neice and my freind. I really enjoy reading poetry so I thought I would add them. Hope you enjoyed them!
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