Kaitlyn And Nathan
This is Kaitlyn. My friend's little girl. Kaitlyn is a sweet little girl. However like everyone other kid her age she has her additude. Kaitlyn is 7 years old. She loves to play outside and loves to help take care of her little brother Nathan! Sha always love to go helper her daddy work on the racecar also!
This is Nathan.  He is my little buddy. Nathan is Autistic. This means he has a hard time communicating with people. If you have ever been around an autistic kids this you know that this means they can be a hand full. Although he is a handfull at times he is a great kid. Being around him opens your eyes to a world of wonder.
Nathan and Kaitlyn are wonderful kids. I have watched these to grow up. I have been a very big part of the kids lives the past few years. They are like my own. Last summer when there were a few problems and there mommy couldnt be there i was there to help take care of them. I love to kids very much.
A little summer fun! We had fun that day if you couldnt tell! Craig had never been around an autistic child till he meet Nathan. He very quickly fell in love with Nathan. And to my surprise Nate fell in love with Craig also. He normally isnt open to new poeple! The kids love being out side and love to play on the trampoline!
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