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Welcome to the new home of
Who Are We?
GS Bike Breakers is a partnership of two men who, for some reason,
love their bikes more than life itslef.
In true 'Ogri' fashion - 'F*** everything, we have our bikes.'

The G is Gary, a biker of many years.  Fully qulaified, time served tyre and exhaust fitter and mechanic.  Gary is the'classic 'absent father', if his bike is on top form - he's absent, with or without leave.  But, alas, if the kids fit on the bike - they're absent too.

S is Mark, but don't call him this unless his parents are around.  He likes to be known as Sam.  Sam is a time served welder and fabricator.  It has been known for him to do anything for a 'bet', unfortunatley it is not yet legal in this country to marry an inanimate object - shame.

The PA, secretary or general dog's body in all this is Niki.  Long suffering wife of a biker maniac, and the one who built this site.  I have been known to be called the 'brains' in this venture, where that idea comes from I have no idea!

Deceiving as both men can be, they know their job.  Sam is you typical Hell's Angel Wannabe whilst Gary is like the 'Guy Next Door.'
Why a Bike Breakers?
Both partners' had had just about enough of traveling far too many miles, just for a part for the bike.  They are firm believers in 'if you can get good quality second hand stuff - buy it!'
Time was running out, job satisfaftion is hard to find, so, they put their heads together and came up with:
and base it in Merthyr Tydfil.
Here there is a severe lack of facilities for spares at a moments notice.
Telephone: +44 (0) 7092 264248
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