Know Me
My name Nikhil Hussain, is always a matter of doubt for who ever I meet.All wanna know how i got that name.Just like the case of all human beings it was given to me by my parents.Actually,Nikhil is an unusual name for a muslim.So u can call me an unusual guy.Perhaps I may be the only Nikhil Hussain in the world..There are many Nikhils and Hussains..but there may not be another Nikhil Hussain...
I am called Nikhil by my friends.But my online pals know me as nikhus rather than my own name.My family members and relatives affectionately call me Asi.
A Brief History
On november 3rd,1981 an incident took place in the abode of God.a baby came to the Lord and told him,"My Lord, I want to see the beauty of the earth.I want to be something different in this world".So he wrote "NIKHIL HUSSAIN" in the head of that baby and sent him to the earth.Thus I was brought to this world by my loving mother, Nusaiba and my caring father,Hussain.I was born as the second kid of the family after my sweet sis,Nisha.She is two years elder than me.Actually it was she who suggested my name.My father whom I call Vappa is a government officer and my mother whom i call mummy is a happy housewife.My only sis is doing her medical studies and is going to be a doctor very soon.
Nikhil Hussain- A Unique name
Nikhil-A scorpio
Born on November 3rd,I am a scorpio.. well.. scorpio is the most mysterious among the zodiac..they are emotional and at times secretive..moreover they are faithful friends..once they fall in a friendship they are most sincere and they will do whatever to keep the friendship all of u are welcome to be my friends..
More coming soon..
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