Home-the one word which means so much to all of us. By simply hearing that word itself,it brings a lot many things to our heart. A home is where one's heart is. I believe so. It gives us the feelings of togetherness,love,caring and what not.

   Coming to my home, the name of my home is Nilakash which means the blue-sky. The name was given by Vappa and it is derived from the names of all the four of us.It is located in the beautiful village (or town?) of Pallickal.Pallickal belongs to the capital city of god's own country,Trivandrum.

  Our house is situated in a place of scenic beauty. Away from the noisy,polluted and crowded areas it is really a peaceful and silent location. A small river which flows in front of our house adds to the beauty of the location. The other side is beautiful with green paddy fields.Sill far from the fields there is a group of small mountains which we call "pottan para". If u ask me to translate it to english i'll  call it a deaf-rock. No more questions about how that name came.Even me dont know abt its origin.
Sweet Home
Me with my grandmother
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