Nikhil Maggu


Overview Hum or Humari Harkatte....

   ♪ μг cΘllεgε μг Gαtεшαŷ tΘ мαti

We came here strangers, found acqauntainces, became friends.
Hesitation, apprehension, caution,
Changed to laught er, belief and trust...

From sharing lunches and notes
to talking about crushes and hopes,
We talk, we scream, we shout and we laugh...

Bound by a common thread,
We discussed college hatred at a stretch,
Came together to fight its rottenness....

Ironical as it may seem, it wasnt happiness
That bound us at the seams,
But friends we did become, holding hands
Through sun and rain....

The story so far has been all joy and pomp
celebrations galore and happiness all around
We've moved on, rejoicing together
Teasing, laughing, cajoling, supporting
Celebrating the friendships we've worked hard to put in place
Learning to adjust, forgive, forget and laugh....

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