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Dear Friends,

I am from INDIA. I live in Chennai, which is a Major Port City in the South of India.

India has issued many stamps on various Topics/Themes, some of them  issued in the form of Miniature Sheets/Blocks on  Worldwide Topics/Themes. Some of these Stamps, Miniature Sheet/Blocks are as old as 1973 i.e. more than 30 years ago.

In this page I present to you a part of my collection of stamps that I have for trade/exchange. I have started with all the Miniature Sheets issued by India.

I have divided the stamps into sub-categories for your easy reference. Some of the stamps will appear in more than One Topic/Theme. This is because more than one feature is shown on the Stamp/Miniature Sheet.

This represents an eclectic mixture of new and old material of INDIA from early   1970's up-to the present. You can select a category below to proceed.

BUILDINGS - UNESCO, Heritage, Forts, Temples
CULTURE - Handicraft, Mask, Dance
FLORA - Plants, Trees
FAUNA - Animals, Birds, Reptiles
MUSIC - Singers, Instruments
NATURAL FORMATIONS - Mountains, Waterfalls
TRANSPORT - Railways

I have not included all the items for now. As you know scanning takes some time. Please do keep coming back for regular updates. If you want any specific item from India, please let me know. I will also arrange any other items from your want-lists of India.

These are the abbreviations used in the various pages:

Abbreviation Expanded Form
MNH Mint Never Hinged
FDC First Day Cover
Brochure Information Pamphlet
M/S, Blocks Miniature Sheet

Please contact me for any item you require from my country India.

Thank you for visiting this page and I look forward to your want-lists. On receiving your email, I will let you know my specific wants from my worldwide list.

I have had good trades/exchanges stamps with many people all over the world. A few countries which deserve a special mention are:

Macedonia Uruguay
Hungary  Germany 
USA Iran
Malta Holland
South Africa Costa Rica
Chile Brazil
Canada Mexico
Poland Cyprus





My email is:

[email protected]


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