CRAZY TOWN . השדחה קורה תקהל לש הרוכבה ריש אוה {רפרפ}יילפרטב
.םהלש הרוכבה קסידמ הקהלה לש ןושארה לגניסה םג והז
פילקב הוולמ םג רישה .יהשמל הקהלה ירבח לש תפפועמה הבהאה לע רבדמ רישה
.הפיו לודג רעי ךותב שחרתמש הפי
:רישה תולימ

CHORUS:- Come my lady
Come, come my lady
You're my butterfly. Sugar, baby
Come my lady
Come, come my lady
You're my butterfly. Suger baby
Such a sexy, sexy pretty little thing
Fierce nipple pierce, you got me sprung
With your tongue ring
And I ain't gonna lie
'Cause your loving gets me high
So to keep you by my side
There's nothing that I won't try
Butterflies in her eyes
And the looks to kill
Time is passing
And I'm asking could this be real
'Cause I can't sleep
I can't hold still
The only thing I really know
Is she got sex appeal
I can feel
Too much is never enough
You're always there to lift me up
When these times get rough
I was lost. Now I'm foung
Ever since you've been around
You're the woman that I want
So yo, I'm putting it down
Puttin' it down
I don't deserve you
Unless it's some kind of hidden message
To show me life is precious
Then I guess it's true
To tell the truth, I really never knew
'Til I met you
I was lost and confused
Twisted and used up
Knew a better life existed
But thought that I missed it
My lifestyle's wild
I was living like a wild child
Trapped on a short leash paroled
The police files
And yo, what's happening now?
I see the sun breaking
Shinning through dark clouds
And a vision of you
Standing out in the crowds
Hey suger mamma come a dance with me
The smartest thing you ever did
Was take a chance with me
So, girl whatever tickles your fancy
Girl it's me and you like Sid and Nancy
So sexy...almost evil
Talkin' about butterflies in my head
I used to think that happy endings
Were only in the books I read
But you made me feel alive
When I was almost dead
You filled that empty space
With the love I used to chace
And as far as I can see
It don't get better than this
So, butterfly here is a song and it's sealed with a kiss
And a thank you miss

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