Truth, justice. Forgotten notions in this age-after-destruction. The common people cower in fear, their worlds, their lives unimportant to the self-interests of tyrants. Once held in check by laws and regulations, empires and their selfish leaders lay waste to the achievements of mankind.

But not directly. We are their grunts, the 'mighty and honorable'. Tricked, we accept missions and duties as if we are making choices, and carry them out with some false sense of righteousness and achievement. Some of us live in a fantasy world, playing the role of holy knights sent on quests by benevolent rulers. Some delude themselves to believe they are patriotic soldiers, out to set straight the balance of power, or to take back lost territory. Some simply do not care, focusing only on their own interests.

We are nothing but mercenaries, slaves, puppets. Through violence and death we think we achieve some sort of freedom. But despite our bravado — our egos — we are no better than the common citizens, we have no more control over our own fate. This must end now.

It all starts with you. It will end by your hands, likewise. The tasks ahead require fresh viewpoints, unfettered by years of collusion and corruption. You are the right person at the right time at the right place.

None of us can lighten the burden carried on your shoulders, but we can give you information to help you complete your task. With us you will find all of the information the others haven't told you, all of their secrets, all of their lies. And if what has been said here seems cryptic or far-fetched, all more the reason you must push forward. For you must navigate us across the deep waters dividing today and tomorrow.















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