Just not-so-important people...I don't have "friends"
Put your mouse over a picture to read more. I might get more pictures someday.
I hate you. Literally.
Tate & Taylor
Tate McGuire and Taylor Allen. I went to Elementry school with them.
I don't know this dork
Die Creep!!! Just kidding. Or am I?
Jennifer Pierz
Brock, sometimes you really, really suck. You just had to get on the website before I could prove that I've been stalking you and I plan to kill you. Oh well, your loss!
Jennifer kinda annoys me, but she's crazy, so I can't expect much!
How queer....It's Mikel  and his "little friend"
The Human Feline
Umm...I don't think anyone would want to know what's going on in this picture, so I didn't ask.
She carries around a cat collar and wants catnip for Christmas. And to think you people call me weird!
John Boitnott with a Tech hat. (Ugg!!)
I don't like the hat at all, but I guess the person is okay.
Oh my God, it's a MIDGET!!!
Uhhhh....Sorry Rachel
Kayla the boring math geek prep
If I stretch out the picture, he looks taller!
I have nothing to say.
It sucks not seeing her everyday.
Screw you Patrick, you're going down
Oh my God! It's tomato face!!!!
I miss you Logan!
This is Patrick
Sorry, Taylor I kinda forgot about you. Look on the bright side; at least you don't look like a dope in this picture. That's proof I don't hate you. But you're not my friend because I don't have any friends.
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