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Here`s a pic of me and my bf Darin~

Me and Kim, my best homie!

My hunnie and I during our hanabata dayz (small kid time...)

Here are some pics from last summer...

This is at Waimea Beach

Darin and I at Lawton`s BBQ in the infamous Pasadena~!

At Aloha Tower (is it me or do our faces look smushed in this pic? LoL)

Sheldon`s BBQ in Hawaii Kai

Kickin it at Myles` house in Aiea

Cruzin` Aiea baby!!

More pics to come...

I strongly encourage you to read the poem below. Police officers get so much negative attention these days, it`s a wonder that people still apply for the job. Sure, I`ve gotten my share of speeding tickets, fix-it tickets, etc., and I`ve had guns pointed at me and my friends because the cops were looking for Asians who had just shot up a club down the street. Probably at least once in your life a cop has pissed you off, but you have to realize that they have a job to do. Can you imagine a world where there were no "hired bodyguards" to protect the city you live in? Think about the robberies, theft, rape, and murders that would be committed by people with no fear of being punished. One time, I had a guy tell me that he got a DUI and his life was a mess because of it... he then said, "man F*CK the police!" Okay, like it`s the fault of the police that you drove drunk, right? Whatever. It`s perfectly fine to be upset with them because they caught you doing something wrong, but don`t blame them for your mistakes or misfortunes. One of the biggest flaws that society has today is that nobody wants to take responsibilty for their own actions. It`s much easier to point the finger at someone else. Before you are so quick to judge the police, remember that they are actual people just like you and me. They do one of the most dangerous and thankless jobs in this country... the least we can do is give them our support. No, I`m not a flaming right-wing conservative! I just don`t allow myself to be brainwashed by the half-truths told by the media. Don`t believe everything you hear, and believe only half of what you see. Find out the whole truth before forming your opinions... I guarantee you will be enlightened.

There! Now that I put my two-cents in, read this poem!

"The Great Police Officer"

Well, Mr. Citizen, it seems you`ve figured me out. I seem to Fit neatly into the category where you`ve placed me.

I`m stereotyped, standardized, characterized, classified, Grouped and always typical. Unfortunately, the reverse is true...

I can never figure you out.

From birth, you teach your children that I am the boogeyman, Then you`re shocked when they identify with my traditional

Enemy...the criminal!

You accuse me of coddling criminals;

Until I catch your kids doing wrong.

You may take an hour for lunch and several coffee breaks Each day, but point me out as a loafer for having one cup. You pride yourself on your manner, but think nothing of Disrupting my meals with your troubles.

You raise hell with the guy who cuts you off in traffic, but Let me catch you doing the same thing and I`m picking on you. You know allthe traffic laws...but you`ve never gotten a single

Ticket you deserve.

You shout "foul" if you observe me driving fast to a call, But raise the roof if I take more than ten seconds to respond

To your complaint.

You call it part of my job if someone strikes me, but call it police Brutality if I strike back. You wouldn`t think of telling your dentist How to pull a tooth or your doctor how to take out an appendix; Yet you`re always willing to give me pointers on the law.

You talk to me in a manner that would get you a bloody nose From anyone else, but expect me to take it without batting an eye.

You yell that something`s got to be done to fight crime, But you can`t be bothered to get involved.

You have no use for me at all, but of course it`s OK if I Change a flat tire for your wife, deliver your child in the back Of the patrol car, or perhaps save your son`s life With mouth to mouth breathing, or work many Hours overtime looking for your lost daughter.

So, Mr. Citizen, you can stand there on your soapbox and Rant and rave about the way I do my work, calling me every name In the book, but never stop to think that your property, family, Or maybe even your life depends on me or one of my buddies,

Yes, Mr. Citizen, it`s me...the lousy cop

~Author, Virginia State Trooper Mitchell Brown. He was killed in the line of Duty two months after writing this article.

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