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Konnichi wa, minnasan! 

And welcome to the new version of my website! 


I hope you like the new layout.  

I've got some more pics out here for you all to look at.  I have a few new things around here, like at the bottom of this page is a bit of Anime News to keep you informed about what's up and going around.  I will tend to this site more often now that I have the extra time to do so (being graduated from school and all).  

So make yourself comfortable and have a look around -^_^-

Here is the latest one. Click on it to see a larger version.


Ok everyone.. here is where i'm going to post little tid-bits of anime news. I hope to keep you slightly informed.. ^_~

    I have seen the Ah! My Goddess! (Ah! Megamisama!) Movie!  If you can find a copy of this, it's highly recommended!  Excellent animation and story.  Perfect for the Ah! My Goddess! junkie.

    Sometime in the fall in Japan I believe, they are going to start selling OAV's of X.  And there is also a TV version of this awesome anime airing in Japan now.  There are no rumors of the rights being bought from NA yet.  So let's hope it gets bought soon!

    The Magic Knight Rayearth DVD box set of the second season is not out for purchase.  I bought one myself!  If you're a Rayearth junkie, get it!  Excellent animation (as always from CLAMP) and a twisting story that keeps you on the edge of your seat.  I will admit, that the story starts of a bit slow, but picks up pace quickly and leaves you hanging until the last episode (29 in all, 7 DVD's).

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