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Vivienne Westwood
Punk style guru
once upon a time

Vivienne Westwood the Ex-school teacher, punk rock clothes designer and lover of
Pistols swengali Malcolm McLaren. They both together created the 'Sex' Emporium on the kings Road which became the HQ for any punk with more money than sense plus a few loose cannons. She was described by close observers as very catty and slightly off her trolley, and by others not totally within grasp of her full facilities. She would ramble on incessantly about her tartan threads. She did however make some world famous designs like the infamous 'Cambridge Rapist' top that she's wearing in this shot. She looked a great punkette for about 2 years but the actual music was an afterthought as she knew absolutely nothing about it? Vivienne was an out and out fashion guru. She is now one of the world's leading fashion designers to whom punk is just a distant fad! You can still buy bondage trousers in her Worlds End store for the princely sum of 215 quid!!!

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Vivienne circa 1978.

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