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Melbourne Beach 2003

Dreamin' of Miami

Gone with the Sun

Modern Times

Comin' Home Again

�pBe alias Nihal Ses. Painting images of Florida impressions these days... Works on her self-produced images (oil painting, photograph, collage etc.) digitally. Creates pure digital images from the scratch. Interests: Photography, short films on video and newest theories about universe. She researched and wrote stories behind Murat Ses concept albums (the trilogy about impressions of the 'timeless and boundariless context of civilization': Automaton, Binfen and Culduz) that he composed. She also designs artwork for Clou Records (Automaton, Binfen, Culduz, Automaton², Binfen 2005 Remix, Electric Levantine and Vulcha Corp). According to Nicole Steans interview in AfterTouch and i/e magazine she was Murat's inspiration for Anadolu Pop. She founded one of the first folk dance groups in Istanbul (Turkey) at the Austrian College. Nihal is inspired by his hometown Istanbul, San Francisco and Miami. She lives in Austria and Florida.

�pBe is the June 2005 Artist of the Month by the Digital Consciousness and has her place in its Permanent Gallery. Digital Consciousness is a public database of contemporary art. It contains biographies and artwork of emerging and established artists working in diverse media and styles. It administers a monthly on-line art contest, an art directory and an arts bulletin board.

by Marc Schoenberg of Creative Independents Group (2003)

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