I am Tiddler and this is my home page.

This is why I was called "Tiddler".

Now I have grown, but my name has stuck with me!

I am now eight years old.

I live in Lancashire, in England. Where I am sitting on the map is about where I live. In fact you could say that "Home is where the heart is" in this picture, because that is about where (on my anatomy) my home town is!

I was once in a cat club called the Minnesota Kitties Society, which was open to cats from all around the world.  I made a story for the MKS about a true story of 'witches' who were in Lancashire around 1600.  If you click on this link it will take you to my witch story.

There was a cat who used to live with my humans before me.  His name was Fluffy. There is a link here to a page where my human remembers him, he must have been a very wonderful kitty.  Click here to see Fluffy's page.

I now have a wonderful and very beautiful little sister.  Her name is Moonlight.  At first we didn't get on very well, but now we are the best of friends.  Here is a picture of her with one of her favourite toys.

Moonlight had an adventure when she was just a kitten.  If you click here you can see what happened to her.

Here is an award that I was very pleased to receive recently from the Chimerra Cats.

Thanks to Leo, for the background graphic used on these pages. I got it from his shop, "Leo Place", which is now closed down.

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