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I have designed this web site to introduce the line of work that my wife and myself do to my friends and families.

The links that are in the contact page will help anyone to get access to some of the sites I have done.

The Newsleter in this website that I have design is in memory of my brother-in-law, Vipula. Vipula passed away on the May 19th of 2004, as my family; our relatives, our friends and myself were in shock and in disbelieve. In order to easy the pain and to console ourselves as most of us believe in impermanence of life, I hope my effort will have some impact.

In the contact page, I have listed the Web sites that I have designed for easy access

In the web photo album I have placed photos of my family and friends as they can get access to 24/7 and have a glimpse of their fun memories.

I request the members of my families and my friends to write up essays and email me so that I could publish them in the Newsletter.

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