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Hopefully, a fun spot in the www to learn Spanish and Catalan!

Help yourself to some useful links. Will be adding more, as well as my own worksheets and notes. Glad to hear from you all, anytime. Please include Ref: nigsonline when emailing me about this site. Thanks all for popping in.

Have a beautiful DIA! /deeah/

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Take a peek at the sites on the links page and also at the selected links below! Enjoy!

As I add more information and links, I will try and organize everything better.
Any Questions? Just ask me!

About Me
This is Joan from Barcelona, Spain. I'm a boy ;-)  Joan is Catalan for John. "Nigulat" or just "Nig" is one of my internet nicks.

Barcelona is in Catalonia (north-eastern Spain)  We have our own language and cultural tradition here. Most of us at this end speak both Catalan and Spanish.

I made this web site as a request from my  friends, who want to learn either one language or the other, or maybe both.

Remember: One is never too old to learn. And it's never too late to learn, either. All it takes is a lot of enthusiasm, that is the main thing; also some time and effort.  And it sure IS funnn!

Games and Activities
Say HOLA in a chatroom today!
Online Bilingual Dictionary
A Spanish Tutorial
Basic phrases. Listen to this!
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