The Beyond the Moon Alliance

A thick mist covers the whole ground, golden in the early morning light. You can't see anything but you know they are there, Watchers, powerful and strong. The pad of their feet reaches your ears just as you get a glimpse of eyes through the mist. As suddenly as a breath of fresh air the mist clears leaving the forest clear, and astonishingly empty. You shake your head as you glance around. This is the land of legends, and the villagers warned you that there were two different packs to contend with as you made your passage. Beyond the Moon led by the silver she-wolf that everyone up and down the coast spoke of only in whispers. And the growing Crystal Creek Pack, led by the very powerful Sage. Here is one of the only remaining refuges of the mythic Avi wolves, now so rare that no one you have spoken to can really tell you much about. Whether North into Beyond the Moon territory or South into the Crystal Creek lands you will be welcomed...

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