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Redeemed Nightmare Material is now closed until further notice, if that notice even arrives. I originally started posting up here to get opinions on my art, photography, etc, and to improve. While I have improved, that improvement has had very little to do with RNM. I get opinions every so often, but usually they're just 'oh, that's nice.' or 'oh, good style'. I'm not criticising (sp?) those who make the comments, in fact I thank you for your kindness, but it's not what I was hoping for. Most people would say that you can't always get what you want, but in this case I believe that I can, RNM just isn't the way to do it.

It's been a great almost three years people, but it hasn't been all that productive on this side of it. I'll keep my blog up for those of you who care, but I think RNM may just be left to gather dust.

Thanks for your support. Good bye.
-Eri Nightwind 12-6-2002 11:29am

Redeemed Nightmare Material is definately closed, so don't bother pining for it to come back. But! Don't despair either! I've decided to use my blog as a demi-website. I'll be posting links to my recent submissions (for Deviant Art) up there, as well as the usual blog things, like personal philosophies, comments on my day, political matters, social commentary.... You get the idea.

But, yes, go here to view my blog. If you want to keep on calling it 'Redeemed Nightmare Material', go right ahead, although the name of my blog is 'Notes on the bathroom wall'. Just make sure to change the URL you use in your links.

Thanks for your patience (sp?). Be good. Don't do anything I would do. ^_~
-Eri Nightwind 3-12-2003 10:12pm

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