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 My most active Webpage!

Click Here To enter "Ian's Smashing Good Blog" (added July 25, 2004 external link)

BIO -This is a technical blog on several subjects. Instead of having an unknown webpage on Geocities where I added info or right reviews, I just post everything on this blog! I have everything from videogame discussions to space technology! Statis - A C T I V E

My hobby Webpages!

Click Here To enter "Ian's Quintessential Blog v2.05" (added July 25, 2004 external link)

BIO - Ian's Quinessential Blog 2.0 is really contains all my modblog entries, but it does have my latest photo gallery images! I have a very nice Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball logo with my logo on it. This is my secondly most active webpage. Statis - A C T I V E

Please Click Here to Enter my Geocities webpage(s).

BIO - The webpage that you click on will bring you to the main page called Ian's Personal Webpage 4.0 Modblog webpage and has over 50% of my content. About 2 months after I stopped working on this template I created account on Modblog where I've been writing entries ever since. Death of 4.0 is October 2003.

Features in Ian's Personal Webpage 4.0

1.) Videogame Reviews (GBA, PSone, PS2, Dreamcast, N64, Saturn, Xbox)

2.) older photo gallery 2001 - 2003

3.) Editorials (2001 - 2003)

4.) Web log November 2002 thru October 2003

It also contains heavily modified websites by me other than Ian's Personal Webpage 4.0. This was when I was a little tired of updating one template so I tried improving my webpage. However the other websites don't have nearly as much content as I.P.W. 4.0. Links are on the main page! Statis - Inactive

Click Here To enter "Ian's 512-bit Generation News Page"

A webpage I've made that looks a lot like Ian's Personal Webpage 4.0, infact it's a subdiary of it. Like the name implies, this is supposed to be the successor to Red Dragon Productions (RDP was my first NEWS site for PS2, Xbox and Gamecube consoles before they came out) Statis - Inactive

Click Here To enter "Ian's Square-Enix Fan Page"

My special Squaresoft fan page. It basically a new design I made last year and reviews 6 games with screenshots. This was a short term project by me last year. Statis - Inactive


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