Welcome to Night Storm of Geocities
We, the system administration, would like for you to
know that this is a site of peace and order. We
discourage and frown upon anyone using this site for
any purpose other than to share information or
fellowship with other pagans. We at Night Storm look
down upon Fundies and other overzealous believers
of all faiths which try to push their faith upon others
against their will. This kind of action is not tolerated
and any reports of such will result in a permanent ban
from our site. By joining this site, you are agreeing to
not post illegal or adult oriented materials deemed
inappropriate or offensive to others. The information
posted on this site is for informational use to be shared
by all, and any spells, potions, receipes or rituals are not
guaranteed to work. Spells are up to the person casting and casting
should not be done by anyone who is not experenced. All
information posted on this site is verified as to its accuracy
but not to its success. Thank you and enjoy your visit.
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