Thank you for visiting NightStorm, a pagan community. If you wish to become a member of NightStorm, please send all information via email to the following link:

[email protected]
The following information will need to be provided by the one wishing to join:

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However, if you wish you can post your information below and we will be in contact with you within 48 hours.




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Please be advised that we are attempting to create a mutual site chat facility. Once we have all the members together we will further discuss times and dates as to when everyone can meet for open discussions. Keep in mind this is not some adult forum for those to meet and discuss sexual content, there are chat lines available for that. This chat forum will be strictly to discuss issues that we pagan/wiccan and the like deal with from day to day. To come together in union and be at peace with one another. We are a peaceful people and wish to contain that within our chat forum. In perfect love and perfect trust, and in harm none do what you will.
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