Hello everybody and welcome to Nightstand's new web page...Enjoy!!
If you're unfamiliar with Nightstand, here's a short bio. Nightstand is a local band from Pomona, Ca. yea bitchs!! sorry. um..well the band was started by Chris and Sergio sometime in summer 2004. Later, we asked Jesus if he would be interested in playing lead guitar for the band and he agreed. And after a couple of months without a drummer, Jesus found the talented drummer/percussionist, Bryan. Well, since then, we've been messing around and stuff but now I guess were pretty comfortable with each other so were actually getting stuff done. So yea were in the works of a couple of new songs so expect to find that sometime soon at a trashcan near you. Well, we have Sergio on rhythm guitar and on lead vocals. Jesus is on lead guitar, throwing out mad licks here and there. Chris is on the ever so sexy bass....he doesnt know what hes doing so please dont hate him....he needs love like all of us. and um.. finally we have our drummer/percussionist...Bryan. well yeah...uhm..you know...he plays drums. Well, keep checking up on us and thanks for all the support. adios senoirs and ladies....


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