Parfois Poetesse


nel`chee I've just started this place (I know, I know, _still_) and so I'm not really sure as to what I'm doing here quite yet. But I'll know soon, of that you can be sure, and until then, I guess you'll just have to content yourself with my blog.

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writing, poetry, gardens, blue skies, sunshine, vintage clothes, Wicca, reading, porn, swimming, candles, photography, casual nudity, sex, meditation, meeting people, free spirits, art, anti-war, free thinkers, films (not movies), fate, vivid and memorable dreams, new lipgloss, acoustic guitars, music, adventures, dancing (particularly ballet), beads, bare feet, thrift store hunting, horses, illusions, inspirational people, good friends, plants, clubbing, college, nature, pens, storytelling, spirituality, wind, yoga, love, climbing trees, journaling/blogging, caffeine, individuality, jeans, tank tops, summer, older men, purple hair, haircuts, scandalousness, pottery, memories, playing dress up, randomosity, staying up late, crepes, making wishes, bondage, cleaning, getting involved in the community, fun panties, poetry slams

Gets Under My Skin

closemindedness, homophobia, prudes, labels, war, ardent republicans, ignorance, bad professors, hypocrites, people who say "Porn is porn", people who won't admit they're wrong, being tired, crying, broken pointe shoes, hatred or bias, cold blankets, long winters, not fitting into clothes, humid bathrooms, ex-friends, shoulder friends, butt cleavage, "the tire" or cupcaking, favorite jeans that don't fit anymore, people who won't let go what they've already cast aside, emo kids, anyone who tries to convert me, pushy salespeople, bad breakups, misspellings, the sound of popping balloons

The Thanks Column

In theory, this will change quite often. The idea of it is that I'll thank people for certain things, or else demonstrate my gratitude for stuff. You get the idea, I'm sure.

Thank you Tex, for loving me as I am, and for loving my thighs and curves as much as you do. Thanks Suzi, I hope we'll be wonderful housemates, and for the time being I'm just looking forward to getting to know you a lot better. Thanks to my dad, who has been mostly pleasant lately. And thanks to mom, who has been available more than in the past year; it's been wonderful to hang out with you again.


The Girl

nel`chee soon-to-be-twenty-one. college student. Wiccan. intense. awkward like a first kiss. busy. outspoken. genuine. Poet. mature. wordy. cynical. dramatic. pierced. creative. capricious. eccentric. paradoxical


hearing: "Silent All These Years" Tori Amos
eating: pie!
wearing: wouldn't you like to know? ;)


Current Favorite Words

fey, languid, predilection, sensual, rapt, quite, snit, axiomatic, asinine, posit, apoplectic, ellipsis, cusp, numinous, her

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